BayNet will have a board meeting on Wednesday, October 14, from 9:30 – noon. Members are welcome. The meeting will be held at Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass in the San Francisco Ferry Building. Space is limited. Meeting agenda:

  1. Agenda Overview. Confirmation of New Treasurer, Sharon Miller. Vacant board positions that need filling. (Andrea Mitchell 10 minutes)
  2. Secretary’s Report (Jo Falcon 10 minutes). Minutes from previous meeting, and Membership update from Rose Falanga.
  3. Treasurer’s Report/BayNet Insurance (Sharon Miller 10 minutes)
  4. BayNet Board Manual additions/corrections have been made & need vote (Wess Murdough 10 minutes)
  5. Newsletter report (Debra Sampson) 10 minutes
  6. BayNet Strategy Plan/ Where are we? (Andrea Mitchell & Board 25 minutes)
  7. BayNet Board Wiki / Whose responsible? (Board 10 minutes)
  8. Program/Event Reports: Past programs: Health Literacy NCNMLG/BN Joint Event and SLA (Craig 5 minutes); Future of Libraries (Tamera LeBeau 5 minutes); Forthcoming programs: User Contributed Content Panel (Steven Dunlap 5 minutes), New possibilities: (Tamera & Andrea 15 minutes)
  9. Membership information: updating/adding for BayNet member database (Craig Cruz 10 minutes)
  10. Committee assignments, 10 minutes
  11. New Business/ other items?
  12. Schedule next board meeting