Deb Hunt, who was recently profiled by BayNet, was honored by Information World Review (IWR) magazine for her “23 Things” program developed for Special Libraries Association.

“When I began my term as a member of the SLA Board of Directors, I was asked by 2008 SLA President Stephen Abram to choose a project to lead and I immediately suggested getting SLA members up to speed on Web 2.0 skills,” said Hunt.

Hunt recruited a small team of eager SLA members to assist in the effort, and SLA’s 23 Things was created. Working closely with her team, Hunt anticipated the need for a registration and survey process as well as a formal recognition for any member who completed the 23 Things. One of the more effective aspects of the program was the manner in which participants were asked to immediately apply their learning by creating a blog to record the knowledge they were gaining.

23 Things went live in June of 2008 and it proved to be an instant success. Hunt continues to monitor 23 Things, a thriving program that now has 1,943 participants and is growing.

Read more about her work at San Andreas Chapter’s website.