BayNet will be holding elections at the Annual Meeting on May 6th. The following representative positions on the Board will be open for election:

  • Public Library Representative
  • Academic Library Representative
  • Special Library For-Profit Representative
  • School Library Representative

Candidates must be current members of BayNet (either through a personal or institutional membership) and must currently be employed in the type of library which they represent. The term of service is two (2) years, starting July 2011 and running through June 2013.

Duties of Representatives are as follows:

  1. Assist in the preparation of all meeting agendas (generally via email).
  2. Attend Executive Board Meetings (generally 2-3 hour meetings held every other month).
  3. Participate in preparations for and attend programs and tours. (On average, BayNet hosts 3 tours and 3 programs each year.)
  4. Represent BayNet on committees of other regional library networks.
  5. Communicate with the Board about current issues/programs of interest in the type of library which s/he represents.
  6. Contribute as called upon toward the accomplishment of the missions of the organization.

In addition to the Representative positions that will be up for election in May, BayNet has a current opening for an At-Large Representative position on the Board, to be filled by appointment. The person appointed to this position will serve through June 2012. The duties are similar to those outlined for the other representative positions; however, for this position, the candidate can be an employee in any type of library or library-related organization, a library school student, or a retired librarian.

If you are interested in being considered for any of these Board positions, or if you have further questions, please email Tamera LeBeau, BayNet President, at