When the Egyptian Government cut off Internet Access in Egypt, the impact was felt throughout the world.  Sophia Bekele, a GGU alumna and adviser on global Internet policy, was in Cairo when Internet access was cut off.

Join her; William Crossman, GGU faculty member and human rights activist; and Steven Dunlap, former president of BayNet (San Francisco Bay Area Library and Information Network) for an exciting session exploring

Freedom of Information as a Human Right
Thursday, March 24, noon to 1 pm
536 Mission Street, San Francisco, Room 6208

Sophia Bekele, GGU Alumna, is Founder and Executive Director of DotConnectAfrica.org ( about:DotConnectAfrica.org ), which “seeks to assist in the strategic coordination of government internet policies, establish policy priorities, offer new policy choices, and ensure that the implications of internet policy options are fully considered.” (Quote from http://dotafrica.blogspot.com/, retrieved February 15, 2011.) Sophia was an elected member of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Council of the GNSO (Generic Names Supporting Organization), which advises on global internet policy.

William Crossman, GGU Faculty Member and Human Rights Activist, participated in the first United Nations Universal Periodic Review of the United States Government’s human rights record this past November in Geneva, Switzerland.  In a special millennium issue (Dec. 2, 1999), the New York Daily News identified William Crossman ‘as one of six key visionaries for the 21st Century, along with physicist Stephen Hawking, astronaut Jim Lovell, Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, scientist Ray Kurzweil, and bioethicist Art Caplan.'” (Quote from http://lifeboat.com/ex/bios.william.crossman?print, retrieved February 15, 2011.)

Steven Dunlap, Head of Technical Services in the GGU University Library, is the former President of BayNet (Bay Area Library and Information Network). He has pursued intellectual freedom issues throughout his career.

For more please contact Steven Dunlap sdunlap@ggu.edu