JOB: Electronic Resources Manager, Saint Mary’s College, Moraga

Closing Date/Time: Thu. 08/25/11 11:59 PM Pacific Time
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Main Campus, 1928 Saint Mary’s Road, Moraga, CA 94556, California

The Electronic Resources Manager is responsible for managing and maintaining the Library’s electronic resource collection including library reference and periodical subscription databases. This position identifies and establishes services that facilitate access to these essential resources, such as a federated search service, and Open URL linking service.


  • Budget Control. Manages $300,000 budget account. Processes invoices for electronic resources, including checking payment information and subscription dates, entering invoices into Millennium Acquisitions system, obtaining purchase orders through electronic Purchase Order system, obtaining checks for payment, and submitting invoices to the Business Office for payment (weekly). Maintains budget records of expenditures and encumberances, and checks against College Business Office records monthly. Tracks inflation for future budget requests. Checks consortial renewal notices annually. Sets up Millennium fund codes and hierarchies annually.
  • Facilitate and improve the organization, functionality and accessibility of electronic Library resources and Library resources in general. Assist in the selection or develop in-house tools to improve access to electronic resources such as federated search, electronic resource management system (ERM), Open URL and discovery services. Assist with improvements to Library web page and Albert public catalog by implementing purchased discovery software or by developing open source tools such as MobileCat, LibraryThing and VuFind. Investigate new technologies and open source tools such as SUSHI, DASH. Propose and develop new projects in consultation with CD Team and WebTeam.
  • Acquisition. Assist in the selection and cancellation of new resources by analyzing use statistics, identifying gaps in collection; produce annual voting ballots and tallies. Upon selection of new resources, contacts vendor or consortium to place orders, creates Millennium order records, vendor records, and fund codes. Requests proxy authentication. Establishes Open URL linking, and updates Open URL knowledge base. Establishes connection or requests connector from federated search provider. Notifies library and campus community of new acquisitions. Assists with other publicity. Updates statistics documentation with procedures for new resource. At beginning of each budget year, creates new year’s fund codes and hierarchies of electronic resources material types and subject expenditures. Regularly backs-up purchased content using LOCKSS software.
  • Statistics. Using the administrative modules of each electronic resource, obtain monthly search and full-text download statistics. Record statistics using Excel spreadsheet. Maintain documentation of procedures for obtaining statistics, including Word document and Millennium vendor records. Assist in the creation of annual reports of electronic resource use and trends. Assist in assessment of database impact on student learning.
  • Maintaining Access and Troubleshooting Library Technology. Tests ability of users to access and use library subscription databases linked from Library web pages and Catalog from both on-campus and off-campus weekly, noting any authentication problems, difficulties connecting to full-text, vendor down times, or subscription lapses. Tests federated search engine individual database links weekly. Tests Open URL implementation in a variety of databases weekly. Verifies any staff reports of library subscription database failures by reproducing the problem, identifying the appropriate vendor and checking subscription status. Reports any verified failures to Supervisor and/or to vendor, tracking problems, vendor contacts and solutions using trouble-ticket software. Notifies library staff and posts updates to library web site regarding confirmed problems. Monitors developments in emerging library technologies, assessing the viability of implementing new tools and resources into the library’s existing collection. Provides initial support consultation for technical issues reported by library staff.
  • Contribute to Department, Team and Campus Community and Participate in Professional Development. Participates in the creation of annual departmental and personal plans and objectives. Participate in Departmental, Collection Development, Collection Services, and Web Team planning meetings. Participates in cross-departmental teams. Assists with duties of other staff, particularly those in the cross-departmental Collection Services Team, during times of workload fluctuations. Maintain all applicable documentation on a regular basis. Participates in campus activities.Take advantage of on and off-campus training opportunities, particularly those with application to the current position: Millennium, federated search, electronic resources, Open URL, Excel, LOCKSS.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree required. Participant in MLIS preferred. LMTA Certificate may be substituted for participation in MLIS program.
  • Minimum 1 year working with library electronic resources, databases, catalogs, and/or periodicals. Budget management, Innovative Millennium, PHP, MySQL, Drupal experience a plus.
  • Web coding and content-management system skills. Written and oral communication skills, including approachability to enhance vendor relationships, create publicity, and participate in departmental, cross-departmental, library, and campus groups. Confidence with Excel. Ability to manage $300,000 budget. Problem solving skills and interest in troubleshooting technological problems.

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