Register for Part II Workshop on July 10

These are tough times, but librarians, archivists and other information professionals possess many marketable skills that may be easily adapted to access, organize and unlock the value within the paper, digital and knowledge information assets for their organization or their clients.

The workshop offers practical advice to help information professionals assess and expand their existing skill sets and develop new areas of expertise to broaden their career potential, maximize their earnings in their current position or gain that competitive edge for landing their next job.

Who should attend these workshops:

  • Any librarian, archivist or other information professional, who is: unemployed, underemployed, worried about potential layoffs/job security, feeling stuck in a rut or a dead-end job with scant chance for advancement.
  • Any library/archive/information professional, who is seeking that next job opportunity or a career change, but fears they lack the right skills or competitive edge for success or advancement.

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