JOB: IT Digital Library Architect, Agilent Technologies

Design, implement and manage a broad range of information technology-based systems and services for the global library department at Agilent Technologies. Maintain the department’s intranet presence with a passion for helping to shape a 21st century corporate digital library.

Responsible for ongoing maintenance of library servers and related technology to ensure 24/7 accessibility, functionality and stability for a global employee base. Routinely monitor overall performance and security of library systems.

Will work with a highly collaborative team of librarians serving the entire company in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. Will explore and report on emerging technologies as potential library applications. Will provide regular and consistent updates to management on resolution of technical issues. Will work with management on long-term strategic plans for the ongoing development of digital technologies that keep pace with current standards.

Must have implemented recent web-based applications using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP) based solutions. Will maintain and extend existing library applications as needed by library staff and end users. Website management includes knowledge of the DRUPAL content management system and involves content updating, template management, system upgrades and support and maintenance of AgilePedia, the editable internal encyclopedia of Agilent. Also requires interaction with our integrated library system vendor for upgrading and maintaining Sirsi Unicorn software.

The preferred location is in Santa Clara, CA. However we will consider other locations for the right candidate.

To see the full job description and apply for the position:

Applying to Agilent

  1. To apply on-line at Agilent go to
  2. Under the section “About Agilent”, click on “jobs”
  3. Under requisition number put in: 2055887, then click “search jobs”
  4. Click on the job title
  5. In upper right corner, click on “apply”
  6. If already a user, log in under “registered users”
  7. If never applied: complete the section under “create a new user account”
  8. Fill out information and hit “submit”

Closing Date: September 1, 2014