JOB: Technology Integration and Innovation Specialist, Marin Primary & Middle School, Larkspur

The technology integration and innovation specialist demonstrates a passionate, hands-on interest in technology and in leading MP&MS forward in all areas related to the integration and innovative use of technology to deepen and enhance the school’s overall program. As the leader in this area, the TIIS will support and inspire students, teachers, and parents in the many areas in which technology and curriculum initiatives will impact and improve students’ learning experiences, the classroom environment, and communication. This position requires the ability to share this passion with others, to lead teachers and administrators as we develop the best strategies to enhance teaching and learning, and to support parents as partners in their children’s education to better understand the evolution of curriculum and technology to address the needs of 21st century learners and prepare them for their future.

A link to the full job description and application information is available here.

Closing Date: Friday, March 27