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In the Winter 2015 issue:

Are We Burying Our Heads in the Sand by Elise Wong: Becoming a Librarian isn’t as easy as it used to be. Elise Wong gives us some information as to why that is and some things aspiring librarians can do to make the best of the situation.

Things to Love About the Castro Valley Public Library by Ariel Gilbert-Knight: BayNet hosted an event at the Castro Valley Public Library to show off its new building. Ms. Gilbert-Knight fills us in on some of her favorite things she saw during the tour.

Day of the Book Writer’s Conference Round-Up by Diana Wakimoto: Held at JFK University in Pleasant Hill, BayNet sponsored a talk given by Jason Dezember entitled “Do Books Furnish a Room?”. Diana Wakimoto tells us whether or not that’s true, and also some highlights of the event.

And Monica Cromarty is Awarded the First BayNet Professional Development Grant by Margot Hanson and Collin Thormoto: Monica Cromarty was awarded the first ever grant distributed by BayNet to help fund her professional development pursuits. Check the issue to see what she’s doing with her new-found funds.

If you’d like to submit an article for publication, and it is highly encouraged, in the Summer 2015 BayNet Newsletter, please see the Submission Guidelines for more detailed information. Hope you enjoy the issue!

Collin Thormoto
BayNet News Editor