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In the Autumn 2015 issue:

Computer History Museum Grant Project Underway by Sara Lott: Having been awarded a $275,000 grant, the Computer History Museum has taken to processing almost 2,000 linear feet of records. Learn how applying the More Product Less Process philosophy has increased their productivity and their researcher appeal.

Costa Rica’s National Library Celebrates the 123rd Anniversary by Dr. Sirous Monajami: While visiting San Jose, Costa Rica, Dr. Monajami had the opportunity to explore The National Library Miguel Obregón Lizano. She explains some of what makes the Costa Rican Library Network unique and perhaps even some practices that could be applied to your library!

How to Create a Community Resource Guide by Ginny Mies: The Visitacion Valley Library took it upon themselves to create a Community Resource Guide to help locals get information about essential services in their neighborhood that they may not know about. Check out this article for ways to help your library create a Community Resource Guide for your community.

CCLI Comes to San Francisco on April 29th by Gina Kessler Lee: Check out the California Conference on Library Instruction in San Francisco. The theme this year is “Reframing Instruction: Looking at what we do with a new lens.”

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Collin Thormoto
BayNet News Editor