JOB: Part-Time Library Assistant, San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, San Francisco

Feb 2, 2016. The San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, established in San Francisco since 1941 seeks a new Library Assistant to fill a full-time position working alongside a librarian, volunteers, and interns in our library and archives. The position requires substantial experience with a wide variety of library and archival work on either the paraprofessional or professional level. Bachelor’s degree needed, Master’s degree preferred. ALA/MILS/MLS credential holders particularly sought.

SFCP Is a tightly knit community of MD’s, Psy.D’s, MFT’s, and other mental health professionals drawn together through a desire to study psychoanalysis and learn new ways to think about individual and social problems. The institute offers courses that range from a four year candidacy in Psychotherapy, to two year programs in Psychotherapy, to individual lectures on psychoanalytic topics held in the evenings. Working at the institute would give you an role to play in of one ‘wing’ of the Center; the library and information services part, increasingly important as a support structure for the other ‘wing’, the training, classes and written research part.

The position will involve meeting the library and information needs of a patron base of about 150 students and 800 library patrons. This will involve a thorough knowledge of library services and good customer relationship skills, including such things as scanning and compiling readers for students, mailing books to patrons, making copies/scans of articles for email delivery, Docline and inter-library loan, shelving, cataloging books and other library materials including audiovisual materials, reference desk work, outreach on library programs and activities, and making and tracking library material orders as well as skill with invoicing.

Workers at the SFCP Library, like their counterparts at most 21st century libraries, also find themselves spending a good deal of their time working on projects which involve digital skills of various kinds. At SFCP, we are currently working on (among others) the following projects:

  • Videotaping the approximately 12 lectures and presentations given at the Center each school year.
  • Audiovisual post and mastering work on the moving image archive using Apple Final Cut Pro X, Compressor, Audacity and Logic as well as a variety of digitization hardware.
  • Help keep training materials up to date and suit the needs of new students in the various divisions of the Center.
  • Helping to plan and implement events intended to expand participant’s understanding of a variety of psychoanalytic topics.
  • Complete processing and organizing the remaining 59.7 linear feet of archival material in the Archivists Toolkit database, and then at some point in the future, creating online collections of documents selected from these materials using the software tool Omeka.
  • Planning and constructing from archival material exhibits given three times yearly.

The position of assistant librarian at SFCP is a difficult job; one which requires flexibility as well as an appetite for intricate and hard work; but it is one which we believe the winning candidate for the position will find an eye-opening and mind-changing experience, as they are exposed to the full gamut of psychoanalytic books, recordings, art, archival materials, and culture as they exist yesterday and today.

Compensation is negotiable and depends on experience and other factors. Some weekend days and later nights may be required, as will the ability to life a 40 pound weight. Please submit a C.V. as well as a cover letter to:

The San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to hiring people independent of disability, ethnic background, gender or any other factor.