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In the Spring/Summer 2016 issue:

BayNet Annual Meeting by Collin Thormoto: The 2016 BayNet Annual Meeting was held this May and the speakers covered a wide range of topics in the Special Libraries field. Check out the brief write-up and the link to the full recorded meeting in the newsletter.

Preserving Chevron’s Digital Media by Paul Grippaldi: Digital Revolutions is once again keen to fill readers in on their process for preserving the digital media of local gasoline corporation, Chevron. Learn about the joys of U-Matic tapes and a little bit about the process of keeping recent history alive.

Integrating Information and Communication Technologies in Nigerian Public Schools by Dada Kayode Sunday John: Integrating information and communications technologies in classrooms is happening all over the world. This story fills readers in about the benefits and issues faced when attempting to integrate technology into Nigerian secondary schools.

Archives: Profile of the Alameda County Law Library Check out this 20 year old article from our archives which gives some details about the then-brand new Alameda County Law Library.

Building a Digital Collection Repository In-House by Gary Lutz: Learn about how one librarian expanded his library’s digitization efforts through the use of an in-house Digital Collections Repository.

Keeping Shared Technology Clean by Ginny Mies: The reporter from TechSoup for Libraries gathers together some tips from librarians around the country who struggle with keeping shared technology clean. Summer is a great time to tackle that cleaning project you’ve been thinking about!

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Collin Thormoto
BayNet News Editor