Cuesta College Library/Information Technology Classes Fall 2016


Fall 2016 half-semester classes beginning Oct. 17

All courses are fully online.

LIBT 208 – Library Teamwork and Supervisory Skills (1 unit)  meets 10/17-12/16 

Introduces teamwork and supervisory skills within the context of a library department or branch. Covers how to train, motivate, counsel and evaluate employees, time management, delegation of work, preparation of memos and statistical reports. Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in LIBT 201 (Formerly LIBT108)

LIBT 212 – Research Skills (1 unit)  meets 10/17 – 12/16
An information literacy course for students wishing to improve their research skills.

LIBT 213 – Advanced Internet Searching  (1 unit)  meets 10/17 – 12/16
Focuses on advanced search techniques, strategies, and concepts to locate a variety of information resources for personal and academic needs. Students will learn how to formulate effective search queries, select appropriate information resources, and retrieve and evaluate information from these resources.

LIBT 220 – Fundamentals of CSS  (1 unit)   meets 10/17 – 12/16
Introduces the fundamentals of CSS for the Web Page Developer. The essential elements such as selectors, positioning, floating, and vertical alignment, tables, and other topics will be explored.


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