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In the Fall 2016 issue:

Bring Digital Literacy to your Library with Coding by Anna Tschetter: Starting a Girls Who Code Club in the library can be a great way to incorporate digital literacy and coding skills into library spaces.

Building a Culture of Technology in your Library by Ginny Miesi: Some great ways to change the culture of your library to bring everyone into their comfort zone around technology. Using a Canadian library as an example, the article gives great tips on how to keep up with the times.

Library Events Around the BayA calendar of library events going on in the next few weeks around the Bay! Grow your network, learn something, and maybe have a few drinks while you’re at it.

San Francisco Giants 30th Anniversary By Paul Grippaldi: Digital Revolution was tasked with restoring some of the archival materials for the SF Giant’s 30th Anniverary celebration. Learn the process that helped preserve this team’s fantastic history.

Guatemalan Volunteering Experience by Sirous Monajami: A great write-up from a San Francisco librarian detailing her time spent volunteering in a library in Central America. Learn about their struggles with event space, reading room, and ailing buildings. Not that that’d be familiar to anyone.

Pokemon Go Meetup by Diana Wakimoto: BayNet held a Pokemon Go meetup in August in Hayward. The group shared their experiences, dropped yarn bombs, and caught more than a few Pokemon.

Archives: Visit the BayNet Website! A 20 year old reprint announcing the BayNet “Web Site” in 1996 is complete with Netscape directions and how to streamline your reading experience using a text-only browser. Ahhh… the good ol’ days.

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Collin Thormoto
BayNet News Editor