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In the Fall 2016 issue:

Online Library 2.016 Conference Examines the Future of Libraries by Allison Randall Gatt: This write-up of the Online Library 2.016 Conference covers everything about the future of libraries from information visualization to do the intersection of libraries and democracy (very important these days).

From Essential Librarian to Essential Leader by Elise Y. Wong: This librarian outlines her journey from becoming an essential part of her library to becoming a full-blown leader in her department. I think we could all use some ground-up inspiration once in a while.

Library Events Around the BayA calendar of library events going on in the next few weeks around the Bay! Grow your network, take a walk around Chinatown with BayNet, and take in an exhibit at the American Bookbinder’s Museum. Yes, there’s a bookbinder’s museum. Check it out!

Tools for Measuring Social Media Success by Ginny  Mies: With the end of the fiscal year looming on the horizon, it’s a good time to take a look at how that social media presence is providing some Return on Investment.

Not Your Grandma’s Knitting by Diana Wakimoto: BayNet held an event talking about the art of Yarnbombing and how it can be a powerful force of social justice activism! Not to mention a handy craft in case of the apocalypse.

Archives: Visit the BayNet Website! A 20 year old reprint of the President’s Message from Winter of 1997. Concerns about hardware problems and navigating an ever-changing technological landscape sure don’t sound familiar to me at all. At least that was before everything you did online was being watched!

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Collin Thormoto
BayNet News Editor