JOB: Community Programs Administrator- Early Education, San José Public Library, San José

The Community Programs Administrator for Early Education will take a leadership role in establishing the library as a hub for early learning for families and early educators. In this position, he or she will lead the development, coordination, and evaluation of early education programs and services as the library redefines and strengthens its role in early education in San José.

The Community Programs Administrator will:

  • Oversee creation and implementation of a uniform vision of innovative early education programs for children ages 0 to 5, parents/caregivers, and early educators throughout the library system that integrates branches, King Library, Programming Services, Family Learning Centers, and Partners in Reading.
  • Initiate the development of new early education programs and services provided by the library both in libraries and in the community.
  • Identify and secure staff development needed by library staff and early educators related to early education and parent engagement.
  • Identify and work with local partners, including City and SJSU Departments, the California State Library, and national organizations on early education initiatives.
  • Work with Marketing Unit and Web team to establish a strong communications plan and online presence.
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to integrate volunteer opportunities into early education services.
  • Ensure library environments facilitate learning and engage parents and young children so they feel welcome and can find needed resources.
  • Take part in efforts to secure additional funding for early education initiatives.

Apply online.

Application deadline: 5/2/2017