Board Position: Treasurer

TERM: Two years (elected in even years) Vacancy filled by Board appointment
Duties of the Treasurer.
The Treasurer shall:
1. Collect annual fees and other monies as required.
2. Keep an account of all funds received and expended, and make disbursements as
authorized by the Executive Board and approved by such officers as the Board may
3. Prepare and recommend an annual budget for Executive Board approval.
4. Deliver to the successor Treasurer all books and other property at the expiration of the
term of office.
EXPERIENCE: Facility with numbers. Experience with spreadsheets desirable
● Maintains financial records in Quicken or other software
● Writes checks as needed
● Prepares IRS documents (1099 & 1096)
● 1099-Misc sent to anyone receiving income over $600 per annum
● 1099-Misc must be mailed by January 31.
● 1096 is sent to the IRS by end of February (Certified mail, return receipt)
● Issues refunds as needed
● Prepares treasurer reports for all Board meetings
● Co-ordinates bank signature cards for self when assuming office
● Also, back-up signature cards for incoming President annually
● Processes W-2 requests as needed
● Reconciles bank statements monthly
● Maintains paper files in secure (locked) location
EVENTS: Co-ordinates financial issues with events
COMMITTEES: Member of Budget Committee
FINANCIAL: Handles all chapter financial matters

Works closely with Vice President/President-Elect on Annual Meeting

July 1 Assumes office, if no Annual Meeting. Attends transition Board meeting with
treasurer’s report, co-ordinates meeting with budget committee
September Presents with budget committee the annual budget for board approval
November Pays first installment of Web Services Manager stipend ($1200); pays first
installment of Membership Coordinator stipend ($250)
January Prepares IRS forms
March Coordinates membership renewals with Administrator
May Attends annual meeting, prepares treasurer’s report for the membership, pays
second installment of Web Services Manager stipend ($1200), pays second
installment of Membership Coordinator stipend ($250)

Attends board meetings throughout the year

To Apply, email with a Letter of Interest, and we will evaluate applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.