Cuesta College Classes Spring 2018

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The holidays are here, but don’t forget it is also time to register for Cuesta’s Library/Information Technology 2018 courses:

Cuesta’s Library/Information Science courses start on January 16, enrollment is available now. All coursed are fully online; for more information on Cuesta’s Library/Information Technology program:

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DIST 101 – Introduction To Online (.5 unit, meets 1/16-2/02)
Introduces students to the different types of technologies utilized in a distance education course.

LIBT 205 – Lib/Information Center Collections (3 units, 1/19-5/18)
Provides an overview of how to select, purchase, and organize print, electronic, and other materials to stock library/information center collections.

LIBT 207 – Web Page Development (3 units, 1/19-5/18)
Designed to prepare students to understand XHTML and the steps necessary to the effective design and development of a web site.

LIBT 212 – Research Skills (1 unit; 2 sections available: one meets 1/19-3/16, the other meets 3/19 – 5/18)
An information literacy course for students wishing to improve their research skills.

LIBT 213 – Advanced Internet Searching (1 unit, meets 3/19-5/18)
Focuses on advanced search techniques, strategies, and concepts to locate a variety of information resources for personal and academic needs.

LIBT 215 – Technology In The Workplace (3 units, 1/19-5/18)
This course offers a practical look at proper approaches and techniques used to understand, utilize and troubleshoot workplace technology.

LIBT 217 – Ethics in the Information Age (1 unit, meets 3/19-5/18)
Focuses on ethical and legal issues of information access and publishing as applicable to the Internet.

LIBT 218 – Adolescent Literature (3 units, 1/19-5/18)
Explores the literature and electronic resources essential for library technicians to work effectively with adolescents in the information age.

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