Join your fellow Baynet members for a unique library tour in the East Bay!

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The Adocentyn is a Paranormal and Occult library/Archive & research center houses one of the largest collections of Witchcraft, Paranormal, Paganism, Occult, Cryptozoology, UFO and Spiritualist books in the country. A small reading room is available for public use, and they have thousands of rare books and unique reference titles to choose from.

The Library draws upon the sizable private libraries of several board members and it hopes to one day become the premier Paranormal research center in the Western US. The Collection started small, with a collection of about 13,000 books but had exceeded its shelf space and is looking to relocate to a larger facility.

The tour will be led by Curator, Donald Hudson ‘Don’ Frew , who has been representing Wicca in interfaith work since 1985 and has served on the Executive Committee of the Berkeley Area Interfaith Council, on the Board of Directors of the Interfaith Center at the Presidio, in the Assembly of the World’s Religious & Spiritual Leaders at of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, and on the Global Council of the United Religions Initiative. He is the founder & Director of the Lost & Endangered Religions Project.

Frew has broached regular cooperation with law enforcement agencies and skeptic’s organizations, confronting the “Satanic Hysteria” of the 1990s. Since 1985 Frew has worked with San Francisco police Inspector Sandi Gallant as a consultant on the occult, growing over the years to collaborate with law enforcement agencies around the country. Frew served as an occult expert/consultant on the McMartin Preschool Trial, the Leonard Lake serial killings, and the Matamoros murders, among others.