JOB: Law Library Director, Alameda County Law Library, Oakland


  1. Library Management: at the direction of the Board of Trustees, manages the library’s operation and leads the library’s vision. Director also serves as the secretary to the Board of Trustees and provides staff support to the Board; seeks to continuously improve and promote library products and services to meet the needs of the community;
  2. Financial Management: prepares and controls annual budget of $1.5 million and manages all financial resources; provides monthly financial reports to the Board; monitors and develops all sources of income, including court filing fee deposits;
  3. Personnel Management: supervises staff of 10-12, including hiring, training, scheduling, and discipline. Recommends salary and benefits packages. Maintains positive working relationships with Board of Trustees, staff, patrons, professional organizations and county or other government officials who provide services to the library.
  4. Business Administration: maintains all appropriate records, including financial accounting, banking, personnel, tax reports and fund reconciliation. Negotiates contracts with all providers and manages all purchases;
  5. Law Librarian: supervises all reference services to law library patrons and ensures patrons are appropriately assisted in use of law library resources; participates in law library professional organizations in the furtherance of professional development and law library interests. Stays current with developments in the legal publishing and information industries and the legal profession.


Any combination of the following:

  • Masters degree in Library science from an A.L.A. accredited institution • Strong leadership and team management skills are essential
  • Substantial budget development and budget administration experience
  • Significant management experience in a law library setting
  • Juris Doctor degree (J.D.)
  • Masters Degree in Public Administration


  • Leadership skills including critical thinking, risk taking, and creativity
  • Commitment to excellent customer service addressing the diverse needs of a law library’s customers
  • Communications and public speaking skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Understanding of employment law issues and personnel management
  • Understanding of budgeting and accounting principles
  • Office automation and on-line research proficiency
  • Project management skills
  • Commitment to the profession of law librarianship


To apply:

By October 1, 2018 send cover letter, resume and employment application to

Full job description available here.