JOB: Operations Coordinator & Document Delivery Specialist, Stanford Libraries, Livermore

• Job site is off-campus in Livermore, California
• Work schedule: Monday to Friday, 6am-3pm (with a 1-hour lunch)

Job Purpose

Stanford Libraries seeks an Operations Coordinator and Document Delivery Specialist to join our 7-person library warehouse team located in Livermore, California.

Our library storage facility, named SAL3 (pronounced sal three, an abbreviation for Stanford Auxiliary Library 3), stores library books and boxes in a high-density shelving system in a climate-controlled and secure environment (50 degrees F, 38% humidity). Operations at SAL3 revolve around processing new incoming books and boxes for long-term preservation storage and well as processing items that have been requested for use at a campus library (delivered via a daily delivery truck) or as scanned PDFs that can be delivered by email. Material at SAL3 is tracked via barcode and tray/shelving location.

We are seeking an inclusive, creative, and organized person to serve in this role: someone who will learn our operation thoroughly, learn about Stanford Libraries, and participate in a constant refinement of our programs – always improving safety, efficiencies and customer services- as well as helping us plan for the future. The complexities of space planning for a building nearing its full capacity and planning for a not-soon-enough expansion will draw heavily on the Operations Coordinator and Document Delivery Specialist’s problem solving and analytical skills.

There are 4 main categories of work in this role: 1) general administrative services 2) management of the scan-on-demand PDF service 3) project work (mostly related to space and productivity analysis) and 4) supervision of temp/casual staff and/or, in the absence of the Manager, supervision of regular staff and workflow.

Reporting to the SAL3 Manager, the Operations Coordinator and Document Delivery Specialist will perform a wide range of complex and/or interrelated duties involving a high level of decision making. S/he applies knowledge of overall system and works mostly independently with a high degree of initiative. May supervise employees and manage a unit by overseeing daily operations and updating and maintaining facilities and equipment.

Examples of the special projects with which the SAL3 Coordinator might lead: explore new vendor products such as shelf labels or barcode duplicators; perform cursory internet research on a topic to assist facilities management (such as cold room temperature settings or LED lighting); work with campus Metadata team to review lists of books in an attempt to track them down or discover process failure; assess workflow timing; perform quality control on a process. The Coordinator will also contribute to planning for the facility expansion and review and recommend improvements to the scan-to-PDF service.

Core Duties

Facilities and Financial, including job duties such as:

  • Assist Manager in the oversight of daily operations of the library storage facility.
  • Order and maintain work supplies for the operation: research options, obtain vendor estimates, make recommendations and review invoices.
  • Verify departmental purchasing and transactions.
  • Monitor the Equipment, Materials & Supplies budget.
  • Facilities:
    • Perform building opening, closing and walk-through activities to ensure problems are addressed and followed-up by Manager, Facilities teams, and/or vendors.
    • Serve as a key on-site contact for numerous building contractors whose work is managed by the University Facilities Zone Manager and the Libraries’ facilities’ team.
    • Report and track observed or potential problems with building access, alarms, fire suppression, HVAC, video surveillance, custodial, grounds-keeping and other utilities.
    • Serve as one of the initial contacts for the various alarm situations and for emergency response, including possibly at night and on weekends.
  • Office administrative support, which may include:
    • Routine: manage visitors, phone calls, doors, alarms, files, calendars, meeting notes.
    • Statistics: Create reports and spreadsheets which may utilize specialized software and systems:
    • Data inquiries: Process monthly reconciliation report, check item status requests and process withdrawal requests.

Materials Processing, including job duties such as:

  • Manage the SAL3 document delivery service called SAL3 Scan-to-PDF,
  • Set up procedures and oversee materials processing: verify citations in a variety of databases as appropriate, identify any existing electronic access to texts, interpret and apply copyright restrictions, and perform all document imaging activities such as scanning and posting documents electronically.
  • Use of specialized overhead scanner and utilizing several key library databases and software.
  • As user requests fluctuate in numbers, train and supervise routine work by casual/hourly support staff or deflect work to campus when needed.
  • Perform limited routine transactions within the ILS (Library database), such as charging, discharging, managing holds.

Supervision, including job duties such as:

  • In the absence of the SAL3 Manager: train, supervise, develop and evaluate warehouse staff.
  • May supervise casual and or project staff.
  • Consult with Manager, the Department Head, or Library Human Resources on personnel issues as appropriate.
  • Apply the Bargaining Unit contract.

Collection Maintenance, including job duties such as:

  • Plan and monitor work associated with collection shifts, transfer of materials, and space use.

Reference, including job duties such as:

  • As part of managing the Scan-to-PDF service, instruct users in the use of the library catalog, databases, and other information resources.

Computing Support, including job duties such as:

  • Use on a daily basis common computer programs such as word processing, spreadsheets, Web browsers, email and other communication and documentation applications.
  • Use library content management database system software.
  • Perform the duties of Expert Partner, providing first-level technical support for the unit.
  • Use specialized overhead scanning equipment to digitize library materials.

Project Focused Work, including job duties such as:

  • Coordinate and perform a wide range of activities throughout a variety of digitization workflows for library materials
  • Maintain or assist in the development of bibliographies or organized research tools, (e.g., databases or a suite of web pages, as well as written documents associated with research activities)
  • Serve on library committees or groups as required or needed.

Minimum Requirements

Education and Experience Required:

Bachelor’s degree plus three or more years of experience in an academic library, or equivalent combination of education and relevant experience.

Full job description is available here.