JOB: Library Assistant III, Santa Cruz

Under general supervision, a Library Assistant III is a skilled paraprofessional that requires competency at the Library Assistant I and II levels plus advanced paraprofessional knowledge, skill, and ability.  The Library Assistant III is responsible for the basic, daily operations of a library branch, specialized services or performs as assistant branch manager under the Library Assistant IV at the downtown branch.

Library Assistant III #19-085

Please note: The eligibility list established from this recruitment may be used to fill other Library Assistant III vacancies during the life of the list.

Selection Timeline: (Note: The following process may be changed as deemed necessary by the Human Resources Director.)

To apply, view the full instructions on the Government Jobs site.

Recruitment #19-085

  • On Thursday 5/9/19 recruitment will close. All application materials must be received by the Human Resources Department by 5:00 pm; postmarks are not accepted.  To apply, submit:
  1. Application – online application preferred; paper application accepted.  Resumes are not accepted in lieu of filling out application form completely.
  2. Response to supplemental questions – will be a primary tool in the evaluation of your qualifications for this position. Any work experience described here must also be included in your employment history on the main application.
  • Week of 5/13/19 and 5/20/19:  Applications will be competitively screened based on the minimum qualifications for this position.