JOB: Librarian, Samuel Merritt University, Fresno Campus

Primary responsibility for providing and promoting library services to Physician Assistant and Nursing students and faculty at the Fresno campus. Responsible for providing information literacy and electronic database training for students and faculty. Collaborates with faculty and library staff to continuously evaluate and improve library services.

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65% Educational
• *Provides reference and database search assistance to students working on curriculum-based projects, with emphasis on promoting critical thinking and information literacy
• *Creates instructional and promotional materials, including orientation documents, for students and faculty
• *Trains site faculty to search online catalogs and databases
• *Conducts library tours and orientation sessions
• *Teaches students health information communication and literacy skills in either small or large group settings
• *Liaisons with faculty to ensure their ongoing involvement in the development of effective library services.
• Monitors curricular changes for their impact on library services
• Attends site staff and/or faculty meetings as appropriate
• *Promotes the acquisition of information literacy skills as an essential component of allied health education
• *Develops effective means of using online formats for the delivery of library services
• Learns and implements new technologies and processes relevant to the scope of work
• Pursues professional growth and keeps abreast of emerging technologies by participating in classes, conferences, etc. and contributing to appropriate professional organizations

25% Collection Access and Development
• *Provides input to the development of new electronic resources and monitors the use of existing resources
• *Maintains an awareness of the resources of other area health science libraries as a secondary resource for students’ use
• *Maintains an on-site collection of circulating and reference materials for student and faculty use
• *Selects, orders and catalogs new materials for on-site collections

10% Administrative
• *Participates in meetings with other library staff. Some of these meetings may be held in Oakland or at other campus locations
• *Regularly solicits evaluations of library services
• *Reports to the Library Director on a regular basis
• *Tracks the acquisition budget and collaborates with the Library Director in creating budget requests
• *Participates in tracking the use of library services
• Other duties as assigned