JOB: Library Specialist, Santa Cruz Public Library

The current Library Specialist employment opportunity is as the Learning Systems Coordinator.  Under general direction, the Library Specialist is a highly skilled professional classification which is responsible for the coordination of a business or service function which works across divisions in the library. Examples of assignment areas are Virtual Services Coordinator, Learning Systems Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator.  The role of the Learning Systems Coordinator is to enhance continuous learning of library staff specific to performance requirements. The role of the Virtual Services Coordinator is to enhance the virtual library experience of the end users. The role of the Volunteer Coordinator is to supervise and manage the library’s volunteer services. Recruitment closes at 5:00 p.m. Thursday 06/06/19.

For a complete list of job requirements, application materials or to apply online, go to and click on Jobs

$50,900.93 – $68,892.10 Annually

City of Santa Cruz Human Resources Department

809 Center St., Room 6, Santa Cruz, CA  95060

(831) 420-5040