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Cuesta’s Library/Information Science courses start on June 17 for summer and August 12 for fall, enrollment is available now.  All courses are fully online; for more information on Cuesta’s Library/Information Technology program:

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DIST 101 – Introduction To Online   (.5 unit, summer 06/17/19-07/26/19, fall 08/12/18-08/30)
Introduces students to the different types of technologies utilized in a distance education course.

LIBT 201 – Intro Library Svcs (3 units, fall 8/12-12/13)
Surveys the history, organization, services, personnel and functions of libraries and information centers. Provides beginning library/information technology students with an introduction and overview to the field and identifies job opportunities.

LIBT 204 – Organizing Info (3 units, fall 8/12-11/22)
A practical introduction to the tasks involved with cataloging book and non-book library materials. Includes descriptive cataloging using AACR2/RDA, subject cataloging, and classification. Covers MARC formats as well as their use in the OCLC bibliographic utility and local automated library systems.

 LIBT 207 – Web Page Development (3 units, fall 8/12-12/13)
Designed to prepare students to understand XHTML and the steps necessary to the effective design and development of a web site.

LIBT 208 – Library Teamwork Supervisory Skills (1 unit, fall 10/14-12/13)
Introduces teamwork and supervisory skills within the context of libraries.

LIBT 209 – Library Public Services (3 units, fall 8/12-12/34)
Surveys library services provided to the public–including the philosophy, policies and procedures associated with reference/information and circulation services. Emphasizes skill building in defining and executing search strategies.

LIBT 210 – School Library Services (3 units, fall 8/12-12/13) 
Explores the role of the school library media program in the educational community. Provides students with basic skills and competencies necessary to deliver effective school library media programs for grades K-12.

LIBT 212 – Research Skills  (1 unit; summer 6/17-7/26, fall 10/14-12/13)
An information literacy course for students wishing to improve their research skills. 

LIBT 213 – Advanced Internet Searching  (1 unit, summer 6/17-7/26, fall 10/15/18-12/13)
Focuses on advanced search techniques, strategies, and concepts to locate a variety of information resources for personal and academic needs.

 LIBT 220 – Fundamentals of CSS (1 unit, fall 10/14-12/13)
Introduces the fundamentals of CSS for the Web Page Developer. The essential elements such as selectors, positioning, floating, and vertical alignment, tables, and other topics will be explored.

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