The Healing Library: Zoom event -In Conversation with Megan Emery the creator of The Healing Library

The Healing Library creates kits of healing to assist families during or following periods of trauma. Focused in bibliotherapy, holistic art + play based therapy activities, and constructive conversation. The kits allow families to engage in Social Emotional Learning to start their healing journey as best suits their needs. Free pdfs are available for anyone to download and assemble their own kits or kits are available for purchase on our website:

Since our launch in October of 2017 as a collaborative project between two children’s librarians, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and an Independent Publishing Advocate we’ve had over 11,500 downloads all over the world. 

In this session we’ll go over what the kits are (and aren’t), take a virtual tour of their contents, touch on how Social Emotional Learning is addressed in their materials, review common concerns and solutions for utilizing the kits in your organizations, and will leave plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Featured on the “Library Leadership Podcast”

Healing Library Event Date and Time

August 20th, 2020. 1-3 Pacific Time.

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Meeting ID: 818 6909 6464
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