Title: Lockdown your Digital Life

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 19th 2 pm Pacific / 4pm Central.

Presenter Name: Amy VanDeVelde, Technology Education Director, The Oasis Institute


Use of the internet is a necessity for digital late adopters. Teaching device and software use is one thing. Teaching them online safely is another. Oasis Connections offered its first online safety class in 2004 and pioneered mobile phone training in 2008.  The program offers the Cybercrime Fighters series of courses designed specifically FOR late adopters.  This session will acquaint participants with the sort of technology lingo, and concepts that often alienate people who are digital late adopters, and introduce them to an interactive event model that can then be replicated in their own community.

Amy’s Biography:

Amy VanDeVelde has led the Oasis Connections program since 2012. She is an expert at understanding how to build the confidence and the skills digital newcomers and older adults need to access the internet safely. The Connections program has offered thousands of classes, mostly in public libraries, under her leadership. Amy is keenly interested in technology that supports and enhances interpersonal relationships by decreasing social isolation. She obtained a certificate from Harvard University in Cybersecurity Risk Management in 2020.

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