Salary $56,172.00 – $76,020.00 Annually

Location City of Santa Cruz, CA

Job Type Regular Full-Time

Department Library

Job Number 22-063

Closing 1/6/2022 5:00 PM Pacific

Library Specialist

The Position

The current vacancy is for Library Specialist for the Santa Cruz Public Libraries in the Learning Systems assignment.  

The eligibility list established from this recruitment may be used to fill other Library Specialist vacancies during the life of the list.  The eligibility list established from this recruitment is valid for up to one year from the date established unless the list is extended or abolished by the Human Resource Director.
Under general direction, the Library Specialist is a highly skilled professional classification which is responsible for the coordination of a business or service function which works across divisions in the library. Examples of assignment areas are Virtual Services Coordinator, Learning Systems Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. The role of the Virtual Services Coordinator is to enhance the virtual library experience of the end users. The role of the Learning Systems Coordinator is to enhance continuous learning of library staff specific to performance requirements. The role of the Volunteer Coordinator is to supervise and manage the library’s volunteer services.

Recruitment #22-063

Selection Timeline: (The following process may be changed as deemed necessary by the Human Resources Director.)

  • On Thursday, 01/06/22 recruitment will close. All application materials must be received by the Human Resources Department by 5:00 pm; postmarks are not accepted. (Please note HR offices will be closed 12/20/21 through 12/31/21.) 
  • To apply, submit:
  1. Application – online application only.  Resumes are not accepted in lieu of filling out the application form completely.  Click the Apply button to begin the online application process.
  2. Response to supplemental questions – will be a primary tool in the evaluation of your qualifications for this position. Any work experience described here must also be included in your employment history on the main application.
  • Week of 01/10 and 01/17/22:  Applications will be competitively screened based on the minimum qualifications for this position.  Candidates will be notified of their status in the recruitment once all applications have been reviewed.
  • Week of 01/31/22:  Interviews are tentatively scheduled for the week of 01/31/22.  The examination process will include an interview and may include a written exam and/or performance exam.   

Typical Duties(May include, but are not limited to, those duties listed below.)

  • Ensures a smooth integration of the assigned specialty into library services and operations across divisions.
  • Works with library staff in all divisions to assess needs and design services and operations to meet those needs in the assigned specialty.
  • Designs, plans, evaluates and continuously improves the services and operations in the assigned specialty.
  • Promotes the benefits of the services of the assigned specialty through written and oral descriptions and presentations.
  • Collects, analyzes, and reports findings, conclusions, and recommendations related to the assigned specialty.
  • Studies best practices in the specialty and adapts improvements based on sound analysis and planning.
  • Prepares budgets and reports for Library Administration related to specialty. 
  • Serves on library-wide committees.
  • May represent the library at community group meetings.
  • Keeps informed of professional developments; attends professional meetings and training.
  • Participates in special activities as assigned.
  • Efficiently refers questions to librarians from the public according to guidelines.
  • Performs other associated duties that may be reasonably expected as part of this classification.

In addition to the above typical duties: 

Virtual Services Assignment  

  • Responsible for coordinating the ongoing development of the library’s virtual branch across all functional areas of the library.
  • Work with customer-focused, customer-facing content on the Library’s website in consultation with the IT and Programs and Services teams.
  • Coordinate the implementation of new electronic products and services to enhance the library’s digital users’ experience.
  • Recommend and implement website enhancement.
  • Coordinate project teams of librarians and other subject matter experts to manage and contribute content to the SCPL website.
  • Develop website content, write and/or collect new content for the SCPL website.
  • Write clear, concise, accurate copy using search engine optimization and web standards best practices.
  • Add, change, schedule, and delete content on the website using the administrative interface of SCPL content management system.
  • Develop digital library resources, ensuring coordination between technical and public services in the implementation and delivery of services.
  • Evaluate emerging technology products for potential application.
  • Participate in appropriate public service activities in order to understand the user perspective and needs.
  • Plan, coordinate, and manage online events such as online talks with authors, online art shows, webcasts, webinars, Q&A events, etc.
  • Identifies and/or report on new and innovative uses of current and emerging technologies in support of virtual library services.
  • Plan and facilitate implementation of new tools, services, and functionality for the website, such as social networking, web-based services, mobile applications, and other technologies.
  • Coordinate customizations and functionality enhancements for the Library’s presence on social networking sites.
  • Maintains library’s presence on social media sites and other websites.
  • Develop and document policies for web-based services.
  • Investigate and help establish beneficial partnerships and/or alliances between the Virtual Services Team and vendors, agencies, etc.
  • Plan and implement roles, permissions, and workflow structure that allows other appropriate subject matter experts to contribute content to the website
  • Communicate and interpret web policies and procedures to staff and patrons.
  • Assists Learning Systems Specialist with virtual services training of staff.
  • Develop virtual service training materials for staff and patrons.
  • Develop reports that measure key performance indicators and patterns of usage.
  • Analyze and report trends in order to identify areas for improvement, new services or functionality, discontinuation of old services or functionality, etc.

In addition to the typical duties: 

Learning Systems Assignment  (current assignment)

  • Assess training needs and learning options and of individuals, work teams, and the organization as a whole.
  • Design or apply existing needs assessment tools to assess the learning needs of staff.
  • Analyze learning needs of staff based on needs assessments.
  • Design or apply existing learning tools for staff related to their learning needs.
  • Develop continuous program of job-related learning and training options for individuals and teams based on the needs assessment.
  • Configure and maximize the use of a learning management system across the library System  (LMS is software for planning, delivering and managing learning events within an organization, including online, virtual classroom, and instructor-led courses).
  • Import and support computer-based training, collaborating with subject matter experts.
  • Design and develop online courses using authoring and multimedia software.
  • Organize, deliver, and evaluate face-to-face and e-learning content.
  • Assure compliance with professional continuing education standards and educational service standards.
  • Provides information and coordinates mentoring and coaching for staff to meet their various performance competencies.
  • Design and implement a “learning campus” for staff on the library/s intranet.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate learning resources to meet staff needs.
  • Provide contractual specifications for original training programs that the library outsources.
  • Instruct supervisors in performance planning and evaluation, effective feedback, and performance coaching.
  • Provide measures for gauging the effectiveness of learning systems.
  • Set up e-learning for staff including multi-media development or computer-based training design and development.

Volunteer Coordinator Assignment 

  • Reviews applications, interviews and recommends hiring of temporary library volunteers.
  • Supervises and evaluates effectiveness of volunteers and provides ongoing monitoring of the volunteer program.
  • Responsible for staff scheduling.
  • Performs community outreach and recruits for volunteers.
  • Trains volunteers on specific job duties, safety, confidentiality, library practices and procedures.
  • Evaluates program effectiveness and recommends service changes.
  • Acts as liaison between library staff and volunteers and provides problem resolution with any related issues.

The position requires frequent sitting and walking in the performance of daily activities. Occasional standing, climbing, reaching, grasping, crouching, stooping, kneeling, working overhead, pushing and pulling and finger dexterity is required. The position requires near and far vision and normal hearing in the performance of daily activities. The need to lift up to 25 pounds on an occasional basis is required.

Some of these requirements may be accommodated for otherwise qualified individuals requiring and requesting such accommodations.Minimum Qualifications

The minimum qualifications for Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities are the following:

Education and Experience: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field depending on assignment area such as Information Technology, Digital Arts, and Education or related areas; and

 Virtual Services:

  • Minimum of three (3) years of library experience in user services with an emphasis on digital services and collections or,
  • At least three (3) years of experience with current technology pertinent to Virtual Services, e.g., IM, videoconferencing, blogging, social software, MS Office Products, and web development software or,
  • At least three (3) years of experience creating and sustaining digital collections or,
  • At least three (3) years of experience managing technology projects in a collaborative work environment.

Learning Systems (current vacancy):

  • Minimum three (3) years of experience with adult learning including multi-media development or computer-based training design and development, instructional technology or related field or,  
  • Minimum three (3) years of experience and excellent skills with robust rapid e-learning authoring tools as well as basic skills in image, audio and video editing software or,
  • Minimum three (3) years of experience and excellent skills configuring learning management systems and processes.

 Volunteer Coordinator:

  •  Minimum three (3) years of experience supervising and managing personnel; and,
  • One (1) year working with volunteer staff.


  • Principles of planning, evaluation, continuous improvement, and budget and budget management

Virtual Services Assignment 
In addition to the general knowledge requirements:

  • Knowledge of relevant web technologies.
  • Knowledge of trends and best practices in library virtual services.
  • Knowledge of electronic products and services.
  • Working knowledge of standard office software.
  • Working knowledge of copyright law.
  • Working knowledge of one or more major descriptive metadata standards.
  • Advanced website design and management.
  • Standard Metadata applications.

Learning Systems Assignment (current vacancy)
In addition to the general knowledge requirements:

  • Principles and practices in adult learning theory.
  • Resources for training and developing library personnel.
  • Learning needs assessment methods and techniques.
  • Adult Learning styles.
  • Effective training methods and techniques for use with adults.
  • E-learning methods and technology.
  • Knowledge of webinar equipment.
  • Learning Management System software (both commercial and open source) evaluation and use.
  • Proficient in MS Office and screen capture software.
  • Basic knowledge of digital camera including video and use.

Volunteer Coordinator Assignment 

  • Effective supervisory practices including employee supervision, training and appraisal, performance management and work scheduling.

All assignment requirements:


  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and customer service.
  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Project management.
  • Time management.
  • Computer and computer software competency.
  • Organization and planning.
  • Excellent oral and written communication.


  • Effective communicator and collaborator. 
  • Committed to user-centered services. 
  • Work independently and with teams across divisions.
  • Organize efficiently, set priorities, track details, meet deadlines and develop workflow processes and tasks.
  • Make evaluative decisions when referrals are necessary, and use appropriate referral procedures.
  • Adapt to changes in technology.
  • Use good judgment in handling difficult situations.

Virtual Services Assignment 
In addition to the above general abilities:

  • Evaluate end user technology options and develop and recommend solutions 
  • Committed to quality assurance and quality control

Learning Systems Assignment (current vacancy)
In addition to the above general abilities:

  • Evaluate internal learning needs.
  • Evaluate and utilize LMS software.

Volunteer Coordinator Assignment 
In addition to the above general abilities:

  • Work effectively with the public, staff and volunteers.
  • Develop and write effective proposals and budgets.
  • Design promotional materials related to specialty area.
  • Work throughout the library system and in its communities.

Licenses and Certificates


  • Fluency in Spanish, an Asian language or sign language.
  • Master’s Degree in relevant field.
  • Experience applying the specialty area in a public library setting.
  • Experience working with a multicultural population in the specialty area.
  • Bilingual and bicultural experience in the specialty area.

Career Ladder

  • Director of Libraries
  • Manager System Services and Support
  • Library Division Manager
  • Librarian II
  • Librarian I
  • Library Specialist 
  • Library Assistant IV
  • Library Assistant III /Library Information Specialist
  • Library Assistant II/Bookmobile Library Assistant
  • Library Assistant I

Agency City of Santa CruzAddress809 Center St., Room 6

Santa Cruz, California, 95060Phone831-420-5040