BayNet is looking for people interested in volunteering to grow the organization and keep it going strong.  If you have new ideas, are looking at contribute to the field, or have time to help support the library community as a mentor we are looking for you!

To Apply for board membership for the 2022-23 year please fill out this interest form.  Please click on this Google form and let us know if you are interested by May 31st 2022.

Click Below Link to apply on form:

One of the benefits of being a BayNet board member is using the power of your vote to guide the direction and functions of the organization. In the 2022 BayNet Board Membership election, position applicants will compete with others for nine positions—BayNet Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, Special Libraries (For Profit) Representative. Special Libraries (Non Profit) Representative, Public Library Representative, At-Large Representative,The Web Services Manager, School Library Representative and Academic Library Representative.  These are all very crucial roles that will steer BayNet’s progress and help us run the organization for the next several years, ensuring that BayNet delivers on its mission to strengthen connections among all types of Bay Area libraries and information centers for communication, and cooperation. 

You can make a difference and help create BayNet as we continue to change, evolve and rebrand to be accessable to everyone. We need your help keeping BayNet strong and committed to our usefulness in providing resources for Librarians both new and experienced.

Help us spread the word by reposting this or sending it to a colleague who might be interested.

BayNet Board