Resource Description

A new limited educational digital series.

“Directed by [Manjula] Varghese, with assistance from Lakshmi Sarah, a weekend digital producer and reporter, and Chinwe Oniah, a Bay Area-based filmmaker, the series explores how the perpetual influence of chattel slavery — disparities in education, health, wealth and more — affects the lives of Black people in California.

“The series will delve into the history of the reparations movement in America, while also exploring a part of California history that is rarely discussed: the hostility toward Black settlements, and how thriving Black communities were systematically torn apart and turned into ghost towns. KQED’s viewers will be introduced to the nine-member task force and, as part of the lead-up to the release of the task force’s landmark report this summer, viewers will meet people who have been digging for reparations for decades.” (KQED.com)

Episode I

“The Reasons for Reparations” + Promotional Toolkit

Seeking Partners

KQED is looking for partners who would be willing to share all of the episodes in the coming months via social media or on their website. Contact Jenny Oh (joh @ kqed.org) at KQED for more information.