David Silver at BayNet’s 2012 Annual Meeting

by Nicole Greenland, David Silver and Jerry Dear

David Silver, associate professor of Media Studies and Environmental Studies at the University of San Francisco, will conduct the free program Digital Natives” on a Media Fast: A Few Findings About College Students, Collective Curiosity, and Libraries at BayNet’s 2012 Annual Meeting.

Last fall, David assigned a media fast to the 80 students enrolled in his Introduction to Media Studies course. “Log off from all electronic and digital media,” David told his students, “and remain logged off until it becomes dangerous, impossible, or unbearable.”

For his BayNet 2012 talk, David will share student responses to the media fast (the good, the bad, and the terrifyingly bad) as well as various information-seeking behaviors among the so-called digital natives. Along the way, David will share his ideas of collective curiosity and how libraries are ideally positioned for tomorrow’s learners.

David Silver is an associate professor of Media Studies and Environmental Studies at the University of San Francisco where he is working with other faculty and students to develop a new minor in Urban Agriculture.

Register by May 4, 2012.