Volunteers Needed: Resume & Job Agility Workshop, BayNet & SLA

BayNet & SLA will be hosting a resume and career agility workshop on Friday, September 28th and we need volunteers! We are looking for current managers/directors from various library fields (Public, Special, Academic, Law, etc.) that would be interested in the participating in the following ways:

  1. Resume review & feedback for attendees
  2. Speaking about what you look for in candidates for your field
  3. Panel discussion on interviewing tips
  4. Promote the “why” that makes your area of librarianship unique

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Brian Edwards at bedwards@aclibrary.org

The program is tentatively scheduled for 1-5pm at Castro Valley Library – conveniently located in the East Bay next to BART!


Event: ALA Spectrum Button Making Day

Spectrum Meetup: Button Making Day

Saturday, July 28th 12pm

You are invited to an afternoon of button making and ice cream to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ALA Spectrum Scholarship! Join us on July 28th at 12pm at Fenton’s Ice Cream Nut Tree in Vacaville, and we’ll get some ice cream to go fuel our button making endeavors. Button maker, button supplies, and button designs will be provided. You are also welcome to make your own buttons!

Fenton’s Creamery is located in: Nut Tree Plaza

1669 E Monte Vista Ave. Vacaville, CA 95688

For more information on supporting the Spectrum scholarship, visit:









Event: Paranormal & Occult Library Tour @ Adocentyn Research Library

Join your fellow Baynet members for a unique library tour in the East Bay!

RSVP Here:

The Adocentyn is a Paranormal and Occult library/Archive & research center houses one of the largest collections of Witchcraft, Paranormal, Paganism, Occult, Cryptozoology, UFO and Spiritualist books in the country. A small reading room is available for public use, and they have thousands of rare books and unique reference titles to choose from.

The Library draws upon the sizable private libraries of several board members and it hopes to one day become the premier Paranormal research center in the Western US. The Collection started small, with a collection of about 13,000 books but had exceeded its shelf space and is looking to relocate to a larger facility.

The tour will be led by Curator, Donald Hudson ‘Don’ Frew , who has been representing Wicca in interfaith work since 1985 and has served on the Executive Committee of the Berkeley Area Interfaith Council, on the Board of Directors of the Interfaith Center at the Presidio, in the Assembly of the World’s Religious & Spiritual Leaders at of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, and on the Global Council of the United Religions Initiative. He is the founder & Director of the Lost & Endangered Religions Project.

Frew has broached regular cooperation with law enforcement agencies and skeptic’s organizations, confronting the “Satanic Hysteria” of the 1990s. Since 1985 Frew has worked with San Francisco police Inspector Sandi Gallant as a consultant on the occult, growing over the years to collaborate with law enforcement agencies around the country. Frew served as an occult expert/consultant on the McMartin Preschool Trial, the Leonard Lake serial killings, and the Matamoros murders, among others.

Cuesta College: Library/Information Technology 2018 courses, Summer & Fall

Hello All:

It’s time to register for Cuesta’s Library/Information Technology 2018 courses:

Cuesta’s Library/Information Science courses start on June 18 for summer and August 13 for fall, enrollment is available now.  All courses are fully online; for more information on Cuesta’s Library/Information Technology program: http://www.cuesta.edu/academics/hum/libinfotech/

Getting Started

For students already admitted to Cuesta, enrollment starts here:  http://www.cuesta.edu/admissionsaid/apply/register/index.html


To apply for admission to Cuesta, start here:  http://www.cuesta.edu/admissionsaid/apply/

For more information on courses, please see the ClassFinder:  https://ssb.cuesta.edu/prod/syk_class_finder.p_basic_search


DIST 101 – Introduction To Online   (.5 unit, summer 06/18/18-07/27/18, fall 08/13/18-08/31)
Introduces students to the different types of technologies utilized in a distance education course.

LIBT 201 – Intro Library Svcs (3 units, fall 8/13-12/14)
Surveys the history, organization, services, personnel and functions of libraries and information centers. Provides beginning library/information technology students with an introduction and overview to the field and identifies job opportunities.


LIBT 204 – Organizing Info (3 units, fall 8/13-12/14)
A practical introduction to the tasks involved with cataloging book and non-book library materials. Includes descriptive cataloging using AACR2/RDA, subject cataloging, and classification. Covers MARC formats as well as their use in the OCLC bibliographic utility and local automated library systems.

 LIBT 207 – Web Page Development (3 units, fall 8/13-12/14)
Designed to prepare students to understand XHTML and the steps necessary to the effective design and development of a web site.

LIBT 208 – Library Teamwork Supervisory Skills (1 unit, fall 10/15-12/14)

Introduces teamwork and supervisory skills within the context of libraries.


LIBT 209 – Library Public Services (3 units, fall 8/13-12/14)
Surveys library services provided to the public–including the philosophy, policies and procedures associated with reference/information and circulation services. Emphasizes skill building in defining and executing search strategies.


LIBT 210 – School Library Services (3 units, fall 8/13-12/14) 
Explores the role of the school library media program in the educational community. Provides students with basic skills and competencies necessary to deliver effective school library media programs for grades K-12.


LIBT 212 – Research Skills  (1 unit; summer 6/18-7/27, fall 10/15-12/14)
An information literacy course for students wishing to improve their research skills.


LIBT 213 – Advanced Internet Searching  (1 unit, summer 6/18-7/27, fall 10/15/18-12/14)
Focuses on advanced search techniques, strategies, and concepts to locate a variety of information resources for personal and academic needs.

 LIBT 220 – Fundamentals of CSS (1 unit, fall 10/15-12/14)
Introduces the fundamentals of CSS for the Web Page Developer. The essential elements such as selectors, positioning, floating, and vertical alignment, tables, and other topics will be explored.

 For questions contact:

Carina Love

Chair, Library, Learning Resources & Instructional Technology

Cuesta College



Mallory Cronan

Division/Department Assistant

Library, Learning Resources, and Instructional Technology

Cuesta College

Library office: (805) 546-3190


[EVENT] An evening with Joyce Carol Oates at the Lafayette Library

Where: Lafayette Library 3491 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549
When: Wednesday April 11 at 7pm

The Simpson Family Literary Project Committee invites you to an evening with Joyce Carol Oates on Wednesday, April 11, at 7pm at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Community Hall. The esteemed author will do a reading from her new book, discuss the important role of libraries throughout her life, and end the evening with an open discussion when audience members will be able to ask questions. Registration is required by March 30th at http://www.tinyurl.com/LAFapr11 and the event is free. Seating is limited so please consider registering early if you would like to attend. Refreshments will be served.

Joyce Carol Oates has expressed a deep regard for libraries and library staff who have played an important part in her life from the time she was a child and throughout her adulthood. We are honored to be able to share this important evening with Librarians and Library Staff from around the Bay Area and beyond.

“Dear Librarians…Always I feel a surge of affection and an excited intellectual interest as I enter such shrines to the printed word staffed by invariably kindly, helpful, warmly friendly and engaged individuals”.

Joyce Carol Oates

The Simpson Family Literary Project Committee