The Ecology of Libraries poster now on Sale

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Check out Science at Lawrence Hall of Science

The Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley announced a new community outreach program,”Check Out Science“.

CHECK OUT SCIENCE is a series of science kits that children and their families would be able to check from their libraries, just like they would check out a book. This is a new way for families to explore science at home. The great news is that THESE KITS ARE TOTALLY FREE available for your patrons. Contact them for a kick off event, to launch these science kits at your branch with a science festival. They are recruiting libraries that might be interested on this project, so please help us spread the word among other librarians.

More information is

New web resource: Networking in the Bay Area

Learning how to network, to build and create connections, and lead others effectively is key to career development and success. Whether one is looking for an internship, getting a first job, or changing career paths, networking not only serves as a needs-to-skills matchmaking process but also provides valuable information at every stage of the job search. It’s not just who you know but who knows you and knows what you do. This is especially true in the library and information science community.

BayNet recognizes this may seem like a daunting process so Mildred Arencibia, MLIS, a BayNet member, has created a series of pages that aim to provide information professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area with a “one-stop shop” of networking knowledge, tools, and local resources to be successful in their careers and job search. Check it out at

Choose Privacy Week, May 1-7

Choose Privacy Week will take place May 1-7, 2011 and is an ongoing program of the American Library Association.

Choose Privacy Week is an initiative that invites library users into a national conversation about privacy rights in a digital age. The campaign gives libraries the tools they need to educate and engage users, and gives citizens the resources to think critically and make more informed choices about their privacy.

The American Library Association (ALA) has developed a variety of resources to help libraries reach out to their communities. We hope you will explore this site to learn more about what your community can do to spark thought and discussion around privacy issues today. Whether you are considering creating a display, sponsoring a contest, hosting a program or workshop, or moderating a community dialogue about privacy, we have tools that can help!

Wondering where to start? Check out some of our materials for libraries at Privacy Revolution’s site.

RESOURCE: 13 Ways (and 147 Tools) to Help Your Library Save Money on Technology

Sarah Houghton-Jan, Digital Futures Manager for the San José Public Library:

These are my favorite options for libraries to use as alternatives to the expensive paid services and software that we use now, usually because our parent organizations or IT departments have gone along with the mainstream, bought the expensive stuff from the well-known companies, and never blinked.  But now that we are all facing budget crunches the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades, we have a chance to show these alternatives to the decision-makers, save the organization some money, and support the open source movement at the same time. I have personally used all of these, at least in a demo setting. Most of them I use on a regular basis at work or at home. So trust me — these recommendations do not come lightly!  I think these tools are darn good, otherwise they wouldn’t have made the cut.

Link: 13 Ways (and 147 Tools) to Help Your Library Save Money on Technology