Post a job notice

BayNet members can post an unlimited number of job notices on behalf of their institutions for free. Non-members may also post jobs to BayNet on behalf of their institutions for a fee of $20 per posting. In addition to being posted to this website, job notices will also be posted to BayNet accounts at Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn and BayNet’s mailing list.

BayNet Members:

Members may submit job notices by logging into the membership area of the BayNet website. Select “Member Job Post” from the Members Only drop-down menu.


If you are not a BayNet member, you can submit job postings using the non-member submission form. Or, sign up to become a member to submit postings for free!

When the position is filled, please notify the All listings two months old will be moved to archives unless you send a note to, who will refresh the position’s published date (returning it to the home page).