BayNet uses Wild Apricot software to manage our membership database. On our Wild Apricot platform, you will be able to Join BayNet and log into your account to view the member directory or post a job posting.

All BayNet member benefits include:

  • Free annual meeting with thought-provoking speakers and the chance to network with other BayNet members
  • Discounts to conferences, workshops, tours, and other educational events sponsored by other library groups
  • Access to special tours of Bay Area libraries (and other institutions of interest to librarians) that are limited to members due to space
  • Access to BayNet’s member directory

Regular membership:

  • Get 1 free job posting annually*
  • Costs $10 for 12 months from join date

Organizational membership:

  • 1 employee is able to post unlimited job postings annually on behalf of the organization*
  • Costs $40 for 12 months from join date

*Job notices will be published on BayNet’s website, mailing list, and social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn)