Spring Library/Information Technology Classes from Cuesta (Online)

The following Library/Information Technology classes are being offered Online at Cuesta College starting January 17:

DIST 101 – Introduction To Online   (.5 unit, meets 1/17-2/05)
Introduces students to the different types of technologies utilized in a distance education course.

LIBT 205 – Lib/Information Center Collections   (3 units)
Provides an overview of how to select, purchase, and organize print, electronic, and other materials to stock library/information center collections.

LIBT 207 – Web Page Development  (3 units)
Designed to prepare students to understand XHTML and the steps necessary to the effective design and development of a web site.

LIBT 212 – Research Skills   (1 unit; 2 sections available: one meets 1/17-3/17, the other meets 3/20 – 5/19)
An information literacy course for students wishing to improve their research skills.

LIBT 213 – Advanced Internet Searching   (1 unit, meets 3/20-5/19)
Focuses on advanced search techniques, strategies, and concepts to locate a variety of information resources for personal and academic needs.

LIBT 215 – Technology In The Workplace   (3 units)
This course offers a practical look at proper approaches and techniques used to understand, utilize and troubleshoot workplace technology.

LIBT 217 – Ethics in the Information Age    (1 unit, meets 3/20-5/19)
Focuses on ethical and legal issues of information access and publishing as applicable to the Internet.

LIBT 218 – Adolescent Literature   (3 units)
Explores the literature and electronic resources essential for library technicians to work effectively with adolescents in the information age.

For students already admitted to Cuesta, enrollment starts here:  http://cuesta.edu/student/getstarted/register/.

To apply for admission to Cuesta, start here:  http://cuesta.edu/apply/.

For more information on courses, please see the ClassFinder:  https://ssb.cuesta.edu/prod/syk_class_finder.p_basic_search

For more information on Cuesta’s Library/Information Technology program: http://library.cuesta.edu/libt/index.htm

Register for Distance Ed Courses in Library Technology at Cuesta College

Now is the time to register for Cuesta’s Fall 2016 term of Library/Information Technology (LIBT) courses which begins on Monday Aug. 15.

Find class offerings and descriptions in the attachment. Be sure to enroll in the Intro course (LIBT 201) which begins the program sequence and is only offered in the Fall semester.

Library/Information Technology courses from Cuesta College are not just an excellent way to prepare future library support staff.  They are also excellent ways for current staff to refresh their knowledge, or to gain new skills.  Because all courses are online, they are available to anyone with an Internet connection, and because classes do not have onsite meeting requirements,  they are a perfect fit for people with busy work and family lives.


·         To find classes: https://ssb.cuesta.edu:9040/prod/syk_class_finder.p_basic_search

·         To apply to Cuesta: http://www.cuesta.edu/student/getstarted/#


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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Director, Library and Distance Education

Cuesta College

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