PROFILE: Steven Dunlap and Golden Gate University Library

Steven Dunlap is the Head of the Technical Services and Systems at the Golden Gate University Library and represents academic libraries at BayNet. He received his M.S. from the School of Library Service at Columbia University in New York, N.Y. He reads and understands spoken Russian, German, Spanish, Cantonese and Uzbek.

Golden Gate University was founded more than 100 years ago in San Francisco and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management, information technology, taxation, and law.
Steven Dunlap
What is one thing your library is very good at?
Practical business research, such as actual businesses do.

Is there something else about your library that most people do not know?
There are two libraries, we’re not the Law Library.

Why did you become a librarian?
The setting: you meet far more interesting people than anywhere else I have worked.

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PROFILE: Tamera LeBeau and Livermore Public Library

The Livermore Public Library was established in 1878. For 23 years the public library relied on membership fees and a library association to stay open. When the State of California passed legislation in 1901 establishing free public libraries in towns and cities, Livermore was the first town in California to take advantage of this law. The residents petitioned the Town of Livermore to establish and maintain a public, tax supported library and formed the Livermore Public Library which continues today. The public library includes a main Civic Center Library plus two neighborhood branch libraries. (Source: Livermore Public Library Long Range Plan, 2005. p. 14.)

Tamera LeBeau
is Livermore Public Library’s Assistant Library Director and BayNet’s Vice President. She graciously offered more tidbits about the library and herself.

Interior of Livermore Public Library

Livermore Public Library

What is one thing your library is very good at? I think the Livermore Public Library does a great job of providing something for everyone, from baby storytimes to retirement planning seminars.

Is there something else about your library that most people do not know? The Livermore Public Library is one of the first public libraries in California to provide a full-service job center, complete with an in-house career advisor.

Who are your most frequent types of users? Livermore community members of all ages are the most frequent users. However, we also get many patrons from surrounding areas such as Pleasanton, Dublin, Tracy, etc. Community members often bring in their relatives and friends who are visiting from out of state to see our main Civic Center Library. We’re glad they like to show it off!

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Tales of a Music Librarian

Matt Naughtin in his own words:

Ahhh, but behind the scenes, away from the glitter and glamour of the stage, deep in the teeming bowels of the Opera House, scenes of tragedy and triumph are taking place every day. And in the midst of this is the music librarian, issuing budget projections, music copies for practice, piano rehearsal scores, conductor’s scores, scores for stage managers and sound technicians and television producers, as well as information for all of the Ballet’s departments on the instrumentation, duration, available recordings, composer, publisher and copyright status of every piece of music the Ballet performs.

Read more at Open Studio 455. Includes library pictures.

SPOTLIGHT: Moffitt Library’s Architect

Architect Jennifer Delvin is in charge of redesigning UC Berkeley’s Moffitt Undergraduate Library. Few quotes about her experience:

On persevering: I’ve been working on it seven years. It is starting construction as we speak. It will be completed in the spring of 2011.

On touring Moffitt Library: I walked through with a lot of other architects who were all competing for the project. I was there in the morning, in the afternoon. I didn’t go at 2 a.m. when you see it in its true form.

On renovating Moffitt: It is 1960s concrete brutalist. I think the bones of Moffitt are good. I wouldn’t dynamite it. I’d clear it out, open it up. Bring some daylight in, update the furniture, make it comfortable. It’s dreary at the moment.

More at the San Francisco Chronicle, July 5, 2009.