American Library Association uses electronic discussion lists for interactive communications. There are lists for committees, roundtables and other groups.
    The Bay Area Independent School Librarians (BAISL) is an association of professional school librarians who believe that the library is a central and indispensable academic force within the independent school. BAISL is dedicated to furthering the professional growth of its member librarians and to improving independent school libraries in facilities, staffing, and resources.
  • CLAtalk (formerly CALIX)
    CALIX moved to CLAtalk in September 2021. CALIX was sponsored by the California Library Association in cooperation with the San Jose School of Library and Information Science. This listserv has been in existence since November, 1995. This list focuses on issues of interest to library staff and library supporters in California in general and on issues relating to the California Library Association in particular. The association uses it as a vehicle of communication for its members.
    LIBREF-L is a moderated discussion of issues related to reference librarianship with over 2,000 subscribers worldwide. The list was begun by the reference librarians in Libraries and Media Services, Kent State University, on November 6, 1990.
    MEDLIB-L is an electronic discussion list for medical and health science librarians/information professionals. This forum focuses on ideas, questions, announcements, and concerns specific to medical and health sciences librarians.
  • PACS-L (Archive)
    The Public-Access Computer Systems Forum (PACS-L) was a mailing list that dealt with end-user computer systems in libraries. The list ceased operation in 2013. Subscribers discussed topics such as digital libraries, digital media, electronic books, electronic journals, electronic publishing, Internet information resources, and online catalogs.
  • Project Wombat
    Project Wombat is a discussion list for difficult reference questions, continuing in the tradition of the now-defunct Stumpers list. Anyone may join, or submit a question.
  • Web4Lib
    The Web4Lib electronic discussion is for the discussion of issues relating to the creation, management, and support of library-based World-Wide Web servers, services, and applications.